Morning Dune Bashing in Dubai

Morning Dune Bashing

Dubai represents the land of sand and when it comes to travel famous places, dessert safari is on top of the list.  It includes different packages like Morning, Evening, and overnight safari’s. And it also offers various activities in which morning Dune bashing is very popular. Morning Dune bashing is a unique and adventurous activity for the tourist, and you will get a new experience. Dune bashing starts after picking you up from the hotel around 9 AM. By choosing this activity, you get the opportunity to properly explore the glittering sand Dunes. The lovely ride is so fascinating and enormous. It is a 4-hour external activity that you can perform in the morning. Dune Bashing is done mostly in a fully air-conditioned 4-wheeler. You can witness the change in the color of sand due to sunrise and can also follow the stunning views of dessert.

We advise you to wear casual clothes and wear sandals or slippers instead of shoes. You can also click photographs on some points in morning dune bashing and this will be an unforgettable tour. You can equally take dune bashing with your friends, family. The remarkable journey typically ends with belly dances and snacks. You can also purchase other unique items which traditionally include modern accessories, valuable jewelry, and many other things. As time passes, the sand starts heating up and it may cause irritation for you so the most enjoyable time for dune bashing is the morning time. Avoid consuming an abundant meal before performing this activity. At the end of the activity, you will be dropped back at your hotel.