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Hot Air Ballooning Information

  • Experience the mesmerizing beauty of a sunrise hot air balloon ride over Dubai, where you can enjoy

  • Breathtaking Sunrise Views: Start your day by witnessing the awe-inspiring sunrise from the serene skies of Dubai while floating in a hot air balloon.

  • Dubai Skyline Panorama: Take in the stunning panoramic views of Dubai's iconic skyline as you gracefully drift above the vast Arabian Desert.

  • Hotel Pickup: Enjoy a hassle-free adventure with the opportunity of being picked up and dropped off directly at your Dubai hotel, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience from start to finish.

  • Capture Memories with a Falcon: Get a unique opportunity to capture cherished memories with a magnificent Peregrine Falcon, a region symbol, making your hot air balloon excursion even more unforgettable.

  • Wildlife Encounters: Witness a variety of captivating local wildlife, which includes majestic camels and graceful wild gazelles, from a remarkable altitude exceeding 4,000 feet, resulting in an exceptional elevated experience.

  • Hot air balloon allows you to explore Dubai uniquely and differently, as it is one of the most luxurious and adventurous ways of exploring the dunes and Dubai from the sky high.

  • Embark on this extraordinary adventure and create moments that will last forever as you drive in the beauty of Dubai from the tranquility of a hot air balloon.

  • Experience a spectacular sunrise and relish a hearty breakfast with DubaiFeel at a Hot Air Balloon adventure.

Hot air balloon adventure offers a fantastic view of the dunes and Dubai’s desert. Dubai has invented an unforgettable experience to have a meal in the air. The hot air balloon provides a stunning and extraordinary view of the desert landscape that one could wish for. Individuals can choose between sunrise and sunset flights; both have unique qualities and ambiance. Most guests prefer experiencing the sunset to capture the breathtaking view on their social media accounts.

Hot air balloons create beautiful settings for individuals to celebrate their special moments. People who love watching and capturing birds have this fantastic opportunity to examine them closely through the Air balloon adventure. Safety is the priority while dining in the sky. Pilots make sure that their attendants are safe and comfortable on the ride. Booking for the ride is essential for every individual because there is limited space in the air balloon, so it is necessary to make reservations, or else people must wait for their turn.

There are refreshments for you in the waiting zone, a lawn site. You meet your crew experts there, who provide guidelines and instructions about the ride. They give you a summary of the adventure in the hot air balloon. The individual must fill out a waiver form before you head towards the flight. The warm and beautiful dining experience in the air is enjoyable. The chef on the hot air balloon performs live cooking, preparing incredible cuisine for the guests, adding to the enjoyment and deliciousness of the adventure.

Having food in nature is always worth it. The hot air balloon is vast and designed perfectly for a comfortable ride. The exotic sunrise experience is incredible in both slots. Whether it is a pickup or drop-off option, people enjoy both. A delicious breakfast is served right after the experience. You will enjoy this dining from the height of 4,000 feet above the desert landscape, which is impressive. The experience is surreal and outstanding for having feasts.

  • Location of the Activity:
    Margham Desert, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

  • Scheduled Activity Hours:
    From 04:00 AM to 09:00 AM

  • Capacity:
    Accommodating 16 to 20 Passengers per Batch

  • Estimated Activity Duration:
    Approximately 1 Hour

  • Your safety and the quality of your experience are our top priorities.

  • Please ensure your prompt arrival 10 minutes before the scheduled is essential.

  • Passenger pickup times may vary between 3 AM and 5 AM, depending on the sunrise schedule and your hotel location.

  • Availability of the Hot Air Balloon in Dubai package is subject to confirmation.

  • Kindly exercise patience in the event of unforeseen delays during the shared transfer.

  • For the safety of all passengers, please refrain from carrying firearms, lighters, professional zoom cameras, luggage bags, alcohol, or knives on board.

  • Upon arrival, you must present a copy of your Passport, Emirates ID, or UAE Driving License.

  • Passengers with severe heart, knee, and backbone conditions, as well as any other medical concerns, are not permitted to participate.

  • Individuals who have undergone major surgery, experienced broken leg or arm injuries, or have chronic back or neck pain or damages within the last six months are not eligible for the experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enjoying the famous Falcon show is a complimentary part of the Hot Air Balloon Dubai package. There are no extra costs involved, and a falconer accompanies the crew during the experience.

A hot air balloon in Dubai typically accommodates up to 20 passengers, including the pilot, in a single ride, adhering to commercial standards.

Pickup and drop-off services are part of the Hot Air Balloon Dubai package. The tour begins with a pickup opportunity from your hotel and after the experience.

No, hot air ballooning in Dubai is not considered dangerous. It is a safe adventure overseen by experienced professionals. Various safety measures are in place to ensure your well-being during the ride.

No, there are no seats in a hot air balloon. Passengers must stand for approximately 1-hour ride as they soar above the Dubai desert. There are no bathroom facilities on board, so it's essential to be prepared and well-rested before the flight.

You can wear comfortable clothing for your hot air balloon ride in Dubai. In winter, it's advisable to dress warmly to stay comfortable at higher altitudes. Avoid high heels and sandals. Choose attire that allows easy access to the balloon's basket.

Be sure to bring the following items:

  • A water bottle to stay hydrated during the flight.
  • Carry a camera to capture the breathtaking vistas of Dubai.
  • An identity card for documentation purposes.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses for sun protection.

  • Securing your reservation well in advance is recommended to prevent any last-minute inconveniences. Additionally, ensure you have a copy of your valid identification (ID) ready before the ride.

  • Individuals with back or knee problems and pregnant women should avoid this adventure. Dress in layered clothing, as desert temperatures can get quite cold at night, and the journey begins early in the morning.

  •  Children between 120-150 cm in height may have difficulty seeing outside the balloon basket.

The Hot Air Balloon Adventure in Dubai typically lasts 4-6 hours, including the flight and transportation.

Children are usually allowed to participate, but there may be age and height restrictions. It's advisable to check with the tour provider for specific requirements.

No prior experience is required.

Wearing comfortable clothing, including layers, is recommended as the weather can vary. It is preferable to wear closed-toe shoes.

Trained professionals conduct Hot Air Balloon Adventures in Dubai with a strong emphasis on safety. They have put all necessary precautions in place to ensure a safe experience.

If there is bad weather or flight cancellations, the tour operators will arrange a new suitable time for your adventure.

You should have a copy of your valid identification, such as a passport, ready before the ride.

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