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  • Experience the thrilling world of Dubai. Parasailing with DubaiFeel is an exclusive adventure water activity that promises a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • Immerse yourself in the spectacular sight of crystal-clear Dubai waters and the vast sky as you soar to new heights.

  • Boost your Dubai vacation's excitement by parasailing over Dubai Marina and JBR.

  • Achieve an unforgettable cityscape perspective as you fly above 250 meters from the water level, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Discover the thrill of parasailing in Dubai with DubaiFeel, where we introduce you to the sport of flying most spectacularly.

  • At Sea Life Watersports Dubai, we take pride in offering outstanding parasailing services that are a must-add to your Dubai tour.

  • Take the chance to make your Dubai adventure genuinely extraordinary with Dubaifeel and its services.

  • Prepare for your adventure with a comprehensive briefing from our experienced activity guides covering basic techniques and safety measures, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience.

  • Immerse yourself in the thrill of not one but five exciting water activities with DubaiFeel. Take to the skies with Parasailing, feel the rush of the banana ride, experience the speed of a jet ski or a bumper ride, and take a high-speed journey on the exhilarating speed boat ride.

  • Experience the thrill of parasailing along the stunning shorelines of Dubai with DubaiFeel.

  • Soar to new heights as you enjoy parasailing above the mesmerizing waters, taking panoramic views of Dubai's Sea.

  • Our experienced activity guides at DubaiFeel are there to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

  • Benefit from detailed insights, learn basic techniques, and Venture on an adventurous Dubai vacation with DubaiFeel, where Parasailing takes center stage.

  • Our diverse range of parasailing packages at DubaiFeel promises an extraordinary experience.

  • Immerse yourself in a well-planned service that combines unbeatable thrill, total safety, live professionals, and cost-effective Dubai parasailing packages.

  • At DubaiFeel, we handle every detail of your parasailing adventure. Your journey begins with a safety boarding process on a boat, setting the stage for an exhilarating ride over the Arabian Gulf.

  • Securely harnessed to the parasail, you'll experience real-time moments of exploration and fun high above the sea. Our parasailing Dubai tour ensures a comfortable and worry-free flying experience.

  • Discover the joy of soaring above the sea with confidence and excitement on your DubaiFeel parasailing adventure. And receive guidance on all safety measures to make your parasailing adventure over Dubai's waters a truly exhilarating experience.

Dubai is renowned for its diverse collection of activities, and among the thrilling experiences is Parasailing. Parasailing in Dubai is a recreational diversion where individuals are towed behind a boat, securely attached to a specially designed top wing resembling a parachute called a parasail wing.

Immerse yourself in this exhilarating activity and let the adrenaline surge through your veins as you take in the breathtaking views of Dubai's stunning waters and skyline.

  • Pay close attention to the instructions provided by the instructor before engaging in the parasailing activity.

  • Use the parasailing equipment responsibly, ensuring it is not damaged.

  • This activity is not for pregnant women, individuals with a significant surgery history, broken limbs, or chronic back or neck pain. The instructor reserves the right to reject participants deemed unfit for the activity.

  • The activity may be delayed or postponed due to weather conditions.

  • Participants are not allowed to carry sharp objects, lighters, luggage bags, alcohol, and knives for safety reasons.

  • Refrain from consuming heavy food or alcoholic beverages before and after the parasailing activity.

  • The permissible weight for parasailing in Dubai is up to 100 kg.

  • Follow the guidelines issued by the respective government authorities. Maintaining social distancing, frequent hand sanitization, and using masks are recommended.

  • The entire parasailing experience lasts approximately 15 minutes.

  • The suitable age for parasailing in Dubai is ten years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Safety is our top priority. DubaiFeel adheres to stringent safety measures, and our experienced instructors ensure a secure parasailing experience.

The minimum age for parasailing with DubaiFeel is ten years.

For safety reasons, we do not recommend parasailing for pregnant women. We prioritize the well-being of all participants.

The permissible weight for parasailing in Dubai with DubaiFeel is 100 kg.

The parasailing experience is approximately 15 minutes.

Comfortable clothing and swimwear are a must. It's also advisable to bring sunscreen and sunglasses for sun protection.

Weather conditions can impact Parasailing. In case of adverse weather, the activity might be delayed or postponed. We will inform you of the next available time slot.

Participants with a significant surgery history, broken limbs, or chronic back or neck pain are advised not to engage in Parasailing. The instructor reserves the right to reject participants deemed unfit for the activity.

Yes, swimming skills are not a prerequisite for Parasailing. Participants are safely harnessed to the parasail and towed by a boat.

No prior experience is required. Our experienced guides provide detailed instructions, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable parasailing experience for all.

Participants cannot bring their cameras or Go Pros for security purposes. Our team will capture memorable moments; you can purchase photos and videos afterward.

Yes, DubaiFeel can accommodate large groups and events. Contact us in advance, and we'll tailor a package to suit your group's needs.

Our experienced instructors are there to handle emergencies. We have safety protocols in place, and our priority is the well-being of our participants.

It's advisable to avoid consuming heavy food or alcoholic beverages before and after parasailing to ensure a more comfortable experience.

While we prioritize safety, we recommend checking with our team regarding on-site medical facilities. In emergencies, our instructors are there to administer basic first aid.

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